Cairanne Rouge ‘Cuvée Jean de Verde’ Denis Alary 2018

Cairanne Rouge ‘Cuvée Jean de Verde’ Denis Alary 2018

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The Alary family's involvement in viticulture and wine production dates back as far as 1692, to the reign of Louis XIV.

Tradition, passion and 'savoir fair' are key elements to tendering vines and maturing wines and the acquired experience has been passed on from one generation to the next. In all, 10 generations have successively played their part in building this edifice, guided by a healthy respect for nature and for the general environment. Proof of this conviction can be found in a later stage in the development of the vineyard with Denis’ decision to convert to a programme of organic farming after many years mastering traditional production techniques.

Aged in older oak barrels where it develops enticing notes of truffle, liquorice, plums, raspberries, mocha and earth. Well balanced with fine tannins, good acidity and a smooth texture, it is easy to understand why this is Alary's top cuvée.

Grapes: 95% Grenache (planted in 1955), 5% Carignan (planted in 1955)