Anjou-Villages-Brissac Rouge, Christophe Daviau 2015

Anjou-Villages-Brissac Rouge, Christophe Daviau 2015

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Domaine de Bablut, Christophe Daviau, Anjou - Côteaux du Layon (Organic)

As winemakers and former millers, the history of the Daviau family and the Domaine de Bablut can be traced back as far as 1546. The organically farmed vineyards of the Domaine cover a wide area around Brissac, near the Aubance river. Christophe Daviau, wine specialist, makes organic wines, in particular Côteaux-de-l'Aubance and Anjou-Villages-Brissac.

This Cabernet Franc/Cabernet Sauvignon blend is a perfect balance of velvety fruit and powerful structure. At only 12.5% alcohol, the wine drinks easy, but lacks nothing in flavor. It is inky dark in the glass and on the nose the cabernet franc comes through with graphite, black currants, spices, and tobacco. Though this wine is a classic Bordeaux style blend of grapes, one sniff will ensure you are in the Loire Valley; it unequivocally displays the terroir of Anjou. 

Grape: 70% Cabernet Franc and 30% Cabernet Franc