Domaine Hugues-Beguet, Patrice Beguet, Arbois Arbois Pupillin, Ploussard

Domaine Hugues-Beguet, Patrice Beguet, Arbois Arbois Pupillin, Ploussard "Côte de Feule" Arbois 2018 MAGNUM (OUT OF STOCK)

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Domaine Hugues Beguet, Arbois 

They own 4.5 hectares of vineyard in the AOC Arbois appellation at over 300 metres above sea level, including one of the most coveted slopes of Arbois, Les Corvées, and a parcel on the famed Côte de Feule vineyards in Pupillin amongst others. The vines are typically 40 years old. Patrice has an environmentalist bent, sowing wild flowers, leguminous plants and cereals between vineyard rows. He works his vineyards biodynamically, applying yarrow, nettle, dandelion, chamomile and meadowsweet preparations. So committed to this lifestyle, he meticulously sources biodynamic straw for his straw wine and even an ancient breed of Alpine sheep graze on indigenous grasses between vines in the winter. Patrice Beguet has a focus on diversity in his vineyards with lots of native fruits surrounding the vines and beehives strategically placed at the bottom of vineyard slopes.  The fruit is always hand harvested and sorted in the vineyards.

Poulsard from the Côte de Feule vineyard in Pupillin. Several other growers we admire have some plots here, such as Granges Paquenesses, Domaine de la Borde, and we're quite certain Houillon and Overnoy as well (it's a pretty well known vineyard site in Pupillin). The hue of this red is still very light, but there's a deeper burgundy shade and a bit more material than the Ploussard bottling from Patrice. Fresh, vibrant, and beguiling.

Grape: 100% Ploussard