Ermitage Rouge, Domaine Philippe & Vincent Jaboulet 2012

Ermitage Rouge, Domaine Philippe & Vincent Jaboulet 2012

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Domaine Philippe & Vincent Jaboulet, Mercurol

Philippe Jaboulet, along with his son Vincent, sold the family business ‘Paul Jaboulet Ainé’ in 2005; however, what is less documented is that they kept hold of most of their prized vineyards, including 15 hectares within the sector best-known to all as ‘Thalabert’. Whilst the name can no longer be used by the Jaboulets, the resulting wine lives on in the guise of ‘Nouvelère’ or ‘new era’. In 2006, the Jaboulets also acquired Domaine Collonge in Crozes Hermitage to create a total estate covering 29.6 hectares. Their superb Ermitage Blanc is sourced from a tiny 0.7ha plot planted solely with old vine Roussanne; whereas their Ermitage Rouge comes from half a hectare of Syrah planted in lieu-dit of Diognères.

Over centuries, this mythical cru has built its reputation on a single hill, and an epic history. Sheltered from northerly winds, most of the hillsides are south-facing and receive good exposure to the sun while enjoying a Mediterranean climate. The harmony between the soils and the sun exposure allows the syrah varietal to express its strength perfectly. This balance is also reflected in the tannins that oscillate between strength and finesse. The wines from the Hermitage hill can be spelled with or without the “H”. Philippe and Vincent made the choice to not use the “H” because “Ermitage” is the original spelling of the appellation. The Hermitage hill is home to numerous parcels, planted on steep slopes and often on terraces. This wine is sourced from 40-year-old vines in the “Les Dionnières” lieu-dit (about 1ha). It is made entirely from estate-grown grapes, like all the wines produced by the estate. Softness and roundness will evolve with age. 

Notes of tobacco, leather, pepper and spices. A lot of tannins in the mouth. The power is balanced with finesse and elegance. This is a wine to keep for decades as softness and roundness evolve. 

Grape: 100% Syrah