Ferrer-Bobet, Priorat  2015

Ferrer-Bobet, Priorat 2015

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Ferrer Bobet, Priorat, Porrera, Catalunya

“It's always rewarding to taste the Cariñena-based reds from Ferrer Bobet.” Luis Gutiérrez, The Wine Advocate June 2015

Ferrer Bobet is all about respect: respect for the long traditions of vine growing and winemaking in the Priorat; respect for the social and economic development of this special region in the south of Catalonia; the mutual respect of two old friends, Sergi Ferrer-Salat and Raül Bobet, both passionate about the world and culture of wine, and respect for wine lovers looking for a Priorat that reflects, with purity and harmony, the distinctive mineral essence of the land that produced it.
Planted with some of the oldest Cariñena vines in Priorat, Ferrer Bobet’s 15 hectares around the town of Porrera consist of dramatically steep, terraced vineyards that are organically managed and located the highest and coolest hills of the region. Winemaker Raül Bobet is driven by a passion to make distinctive wines, which are unique expressions of Priorat’s terroir, characterised by their ultra-silky tannins and refreshing acidity. His hard work and dedication has resulted in Ferrer Bobet being regarded as one of the most successful new wineries in Spain.
In 2008, the first two wines, Ferrer Bobet ‘Vinyes Velles’ 2005 and Ferrer Bobet ‘Selecció Especial Vinyes Velles’ 2005, were released, made with grapes from some of the oldest vines in Priorat. Porrera is one of the coolest parts of the region, thanks largely to the marked influence of northeasterly winds, with a subtle moderating effect from the Mediterranean and its topography, characterized by some of the highest and steepest vineyards in the appellation. These factors combine to create strong temperature variations between night and day, which guarantee optimal phenolic ripening and the preservation of acidity, freshness and aromas. Likewise, its multiple aspects create a rich diversity of mesoclimates and offer the opportunity to create wines of particular complexity and depth. At Ferrer Bobet, all of this is combined with almost exclusively black schist soils, known locally as “llicorella”, which are a feature of only the top vineyards in Priorat and play such a key part in the unique personality of these wines.

Made from younger vines planted in 2004, 2005 and 2006 in some of the finest vineyards in Priorat. A fantastic entry level wine for the estate. Fragrant and charming, packed with lots of juicy red and black fruits, with an underlying smokey/mineral edge. Remarkable concentration and structure on the palate with a mouthwatering finish.

Grapes: 48% Cariñena, 23% Syrah, 22% Garnacha Tinta, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon