Malbec "Camille" Château Du Cèdre" Pascal Verhaeghe, Cahors 2016

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Pascal Verhaeghe has been the driving force behind the Cahors “Quality Charter” and quality oozes from these wines. The estate was originally created by Charles Verhaeghe on vineyard land devastated by the frosts in 1956 in Viré-SurLot. His sons Pascal and Jean-Marc duly studied winemaking, the former in Burgundy and California, the latter in Bordeaux. Ecological viticultural methods eschewing weedkillers and chemical fertilizers, yield reduction by serious pruning, leaf stripping for greater sun exposure and air circulation, harvesting the grapes on the verge of overripeness yield the superb raw material essential to create fabulous wines. In the cellars the Verhaeghes aim for softness, richness and harmony through gentle extraction by long vattings and limited pigeage, malolactic fermentation and sensible use of oak. 

Made at Château du Cèdre, one of the best producers of the Cahors region, this approachable, soft, Malbec is about pure fruit with no oak ageing. Medium bodied, jammy spicy and round finish.

Grapes: 100% Malbec