Navarra Blanco ‘Huracán Daniela’, Gonzalo Celayeta Wines 2017

Navarra Blanco ‘Huracán Daniela’, Gonzalo Celayeta Wines 2017

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Gonzalo Celayeta Wines, San Martín de Unx, Navarra

In 2006 Gonzalo Celayeta started work as a winemaker at Bodegas San Martín, within the subarea of Baja Montaña in the DO Navarra. He trained at EVENA (Navarra’s Viticulture and Oenology Centre), and launched his own project in 2004. Focusing on Garnacha, his production is very low producing between 10,000 to 13,000 bottles, which include his white, rosé and red wines. Unusually, the ‘El Caserio’ is barrel fermented in Spanish chestnut wood.

Navarra Blanco ‘Huracán Daniela’ - Garnacha Blanca, Chardonnay,Viura, Sauvignon. Vineyards located in the transition zone between the subzones of Ribera Alta and Baja Montaña, in the lower part of the municipality of San Martín de Unx and in Olite. Terroir: 400-500m of altitude, soils of average fertility, clay - calcareous. Fermented and matured on lees in ‘tinajas’ (clay jars) for 5 months.

Rustic and vivacious while very tasty. A white that is not easy but very genuine with its aging in earthen jars. You will love for its rough texture and grease to those who are red. It is deep with a predominance of white fruit, aniseed and a mineral background, which will thank a little aeration in the glass to enjoy the whole.

Grape: Garnacha Blanca, Chardonnay, Viura, Sauvignon