DRY Muscat d'Alsace 'Réserve Personnelle' Léon Beyer 2022

DRY Muscat d'Alsace 'Réserve Personnelle' Léon Beyer 2022

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Léon Beyer , Eguisheim

Léon Beyer, an estate with roots deeply entrenched in the soils of winemaking tradition. Since the 1580s, the Beyer family has been synonymous with a legacy of excellence, culminating in the establishment of the modern winery by Emile Beyer in 1867. Today the estate is guided by Marc Beyer, alongside his children Yann-Léon and Anne-Sophie, continuing a lineage that spans 14 generations. Situated just outside the impressive medieval town of Eguisheim

With significant Grand Cru vine-holdings in the communes of Eichberg and Pfersigberg and 23 hectares in total.

Grapes are sorted into different batches in order to highlight and express their full aromatic and flavour potential. Although it is customary to vinify Muscat to make sweet wine, at Léon Beyer they make it into dry wine. Each of these batches will be pressed and vinified separately and racked into wooden barrels or glazed tanks where the native yeasts will do their work. Before winter, once it has been made into wine, Léon Beyer Muscat will be racked again, facilitating a natural clarification. From there the batches will go directly back into stainless steel tanks, where they will spend some time aging.

Grape: Muscat Blanc à petit grain