Utiel-Requena Bobal ‘La Malkerida’ Cía VitiVinícola del Mediteráneo, Chiva, Valencia

Utiel-Requena Bobal ‘La Malkerida’ Cía VitiVinícola del Mediteráneo, Chiva, Valencia

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Cía VitiVinícola del Mediteráneo, Chiva, Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana


Bobal y Burbujas, Pasión y divertido is made from Bobal grapes from the Central Valley of Utiel Requena, in San Juan. You get bleeding must that starts a partial fermentation, until about 6 ° alc, when it stops the fermentation and refrigerate (-2 ° C approx). Continue with a partial fermentation in storage isobaric, until reaching 9-10 ° alc. That separates again by cold, so we get a fine bubble and a semi-sweet pink wine for the sugars of the grape that have not been fermented. The Bride shows an attractive light pink raspberry color very subtle and bright and on the nose is clean and intense highlighting the red fruit in jelly beans with a lot of freshness and joviality. The palate comes very alive with a nice tip carbonic, is very fresh, light and pleasant with low moderate alcohol and a pronounced acidity that makes it a seductive wine, very easy to drink and enjoy.

Red cherry color of medium intensity and with purple trim, is a wine rich in aromas of different types such as spices (especially black pepper, a typical fragrance of the Bobal grape) and floral notes, although the real protagonist is the acid red fruit as the cherry, the raspberry and the currant. With a medium body and refreshing acidity, it is a wine that is easy to drink and pleasant on the palate thanks to its subtle and round tannins that originate a long end to the palate.

Grapes: 100% Bobal