Bierzo Blanco, Bodegas Cobertizo, Castilla-Leon 2021

Bierzo Blanco, Bodegas Cobertizo, Castilla-Leon 2021

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Bodegas Cobertizo, Valtuille de Abajo, Bierzo, Castilla- Leon 

El Bierzo is a natural region located in the northwest of the Spanish province of León. A set of small valleys in this mountainous area offer a variety of orientations and gradients whilst a wide flat depression called ”El Bajo Bierzo” provides less challenging viticultural terrain. The region has a special microclimate, very suitable to the successful cultivation of Mencía. Toni Quiroga decided to start his adventure in wine some 20 years ago, when he started working in his father’s vineyards in Valtuille de Abajo. Almost 22 hectares are the base of this family bodega, where Toni crafts a range of expressive wines that demonstrate clearly his love for his lands and his family roots. All wines from Bodegas Cobertizo are certified organic, with extremely low use of sulphites, far lower than European ecological standard limits. Viticulture is sustainable, and Toni’s practice of leaving vegetation cover between rows helps to bring balance to the soil. His red wines are produced with old vine Mencia (60 years of age) and his white wines with old vine Godello (50 years of age). Old, steep vineyards such as these cannot be tended by machines, so all viticultural work is carried out by hand.

Grape: 100% Godello