KRESSI ESSIG VINEGAR - Aux Herbes et Epices, Switzerland - Case of 3 bottles of 1L (free delivery)

KRESSI ESSIG VINEGAR - Aux Herbes et Epices, Switzerland - Case of 3 bottles of 1L (free delivery)

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Kressi Essig Vinegar Aux Herbes et Epices, Switzerland


Naturel flavoured white wine vinegar

"Speciality vinegar since 1859"

This fresh, light wine vinegar seems to have a cult following! Naturally flavoured with herbs and spices, this Swiss elixir is ideal for making delicate vinaigrettes, but can also be used to pickle vegetables or perfect in marinades for poultry or fish. A definite must for your pantry all year!

"Kressi has been one of Switzerland's best-kept secrets for years, and now it's finally available in the UK, only from Terra Wines in Rutland. It is a low-acidity herb infused wine vinegar, with a delicious fresh flavour that is so versatile, and can be used in any number of recipes from simple vinaigrettes, to sauces and soups. It is a great 'finishing' vinegar, too; because of its low acidity and clean taste it is excellent when lightly drizzled over grilled seafood, and makes even the humble chip a thing of wonder! Chefs will appreciate its delicate, herbal notes for use in sauces, vinaigrettes, marinades and jellies, and it makes excellent Hollandaise and Barnaise sauces, too, requiring no over-reduction to retain the subtle herb influences. It can be used to make quick 'instant' pickles, with cucumber or shallots, for example, without the need for boiling and sterilising. For the home cook, Kressi is the one vinegar to have handy in the cupboard. It's been the most popular vinegar in Swiss households for decades, and now you can see what the fuss is all about..."

Stephen Jackson chef and writer, owner of Tandcake Cafe.


"Dear Terra Wines,

Thank you so much for finally bringing the wonderful Kressi vinegar to the UK. I have been obsessed with the stuff since my late Swiss mother-in-law introduced me to it 25 years ago. There is simply nothing to beat its subtle acidity and flavour for a salad dressing. You have done wonder for my store cupboard.
best wishes
 – Jay Rayner, The Observer & The Kitchen Cabinet

'In time I would become a part of Pat’s family, and I too would inherit the obsession. Occasionally, we would be given a bottle of Kressi by a family member returning from a trip to Switzerland. When the bottle got down to the last inch, I would begin to mourn. At various times I travelled across London in search of a replacement, buying a dozen different brands at a time. None would do the job, though there was for a while an own brand from Harrods which came close. It is only in the past few years that an enterprising wine merchant, Patrick Whenham-Bossy of Terra Wines, in Melton Mowbray, recognized that there might be a market for it. Especially if a particular, quite noisy food writer insisted on tweeting about it. He now imports the vinegar of the gods direct from Switzerland, and I do my best to help him sell it, simply to maintain my own supply.’

 – Jay Rayner, My Last Supper, p.168.



Nutritional information (100ml included)

Energie in kcal                                

ca. 25

Energie in kJ

ca. 90


ca. 0g

here of: saturated fatty acids

ca. 0g


< 0.5g

of which sugars

ca. 0g

Dietary fiber (dietary fiber)

ca. 0g


< 0.5g


ca. 3.3g