Chardonnay Epicuria, Domaine de la Zouina, Meknès 2019

Chardonnay Epicuria, Domaine de la Zouina, Meknès 2019

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Volubilia, Domaine de la Zouina, Meknès

The company’s literature states that the two French partners, Gérard Gribelin (ex Ch Fieuzal) and Philippe Gervoson (Larrivet Haut-Brion) fell in love with the soils of the area on a golf trip in 2001. They must have thrown their clubs away and begun work immediately, as by 2002 they had formed a partnership (Volubilia) with Domaine de la Zouina and planted 63 hectares of vines.

The seriousness with which they are approaching the venture indicates a level of understanding of the potential of the region that many are unaware of. Great care is being taken in the vineyards; indeed, as much as at their properties (although the methods are in tune with local conditions) and much effort is dedicated to extracting maximum potential from the estate. Domaine de la Zouina is currently managed by Gérard Gribelin’s son, Christophe, and the vineyard management and winemaking is in the hands of Philippe Lespy, formerly of Domaines Barons de Rothschild. The first vintage was in 2005 and since then the wines have won a number of accolades and are set to improve year on year.

Located 120 kilometres from Rabat, the region of Meknes is Morocco’s wine capital boasting luscious and fertile land by virtue of its altitude, its amount of sunshine and its mild temperatures. The French developed Meknes into a wine region, however the foothills of the Atlas Mountains near to the town of Meknes has been wine producing area since the Roman Empire. 

Deep yellow to gold. Warm tropical nose. Enticing and complex (best of what the US used to do). Custard and dessert apple. Crisp palate. Big and attention-grabbing but complex nonetheless. Sweet apple, quince and green almonds with a meaty musk. Viscous and cool through the palate.

Grape: 100% Chardonnay