Château Falfas, Côtes de Bourg, Bordeaux 2014

Château Falfas, Côtes de Bourg, Bordeaux 2014

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Château Falfas, Bayon, Côtes de Bourg, Bordeaux 

Situated at the crest of one of the most beautiful hillsides of the parish of Bayon, Chateau Falfas is truly "the glory of the region of Bourg". In the 14th and 15th centuries, this handsome estate belonged to the Lords of Lansac, ancient nobility of the sword, swearing allegiance to the English crown. At that time, the wines of Falfas were exported with privilege to the courts of the Edwards. Later in the 17th century, the domain was acquired by the Sires de Riveaux, to whom the château owes the pure Louis XIII architecture of the present building. At the end of the 17th century, the property came into the possession of the family of the President of the Parliament of Guyenne, Gaillard de Falfas, who restored the château and gave it its name.
Now comprising 20 hectares of vineyards, Château Falfas was in fact one of the very first in Bordeaux to practise organic and biodynamic methods. Today Château Falfas is owned by Véronique and John Cochran, who are building on the traditions of the past with a very simple philosophy: the best wines are not “made”, but rather “grown”. They remain passionate about practising biodynamic principles to extract the very essence of the terroir, producing authentic, rich and generous wines.
Merlot (55%), Cabernet Sauvignon (30%), Cabernet Franc (10%) and Cot (5%), the noble vines of Bordeaux, sink their roots deeply and profoundly in soils predominantly of gravel, clay and limestone. This terroir, where vines have been cultivated for more than 700 years, rests on mother rock of limestone asterie (maritime), long recognized as one of the most suitable for grape growing. Thus, in the temperate climate of the Gironde estuary, the vines and their lush fruit reach full maturity under virtually ideal conditions. In the tradition of all the great vineyards of France, limited yields and a rigorous selection of the harvested grapes are standard elements at Falfas.

Côtes de Bourg Rouge: Average age of vines is 35 years. Ageing for 11-14 months in barrel, 1/3 new oak.

Grapes:  55 % Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc, 5% Cot