Ploussard "La Chamade" Philippe Bornard 2020 (PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAIBILITY)

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Philippe Bornard, Pupillin 

Philippe Bornard farms six hectares of vines in the tiny village of Pupillin. He works biodynamically and avoids the use of sulfur whenever possible though, like many natural winemakers, he gives his export bottles a small dose.

100% Ploussard from vines of 45 to 80 years old in mass selection, organically grown and planted on pink iridescent marls, in the place called "Les Chambines". Manual harvesting, total destemming, fermentation and maceration in 2400 liter barrels. Punching down and pumping over once a day for 3 weeks, one month of maceration, pressing, aging in the same tuns. Bottled at the Domaine without fining, filtration or addition of sulphites.

Small tannins emerge from the attack on the palate, enveloping. Beautiful aromatic complexity that will gain even more over time. In the meantime, there's something crunchy.

Grape: 100% Poulsard