Arbois "Ivresse de Noé" Philippe Bornard 2018 (50cl) (PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAIBILITY)

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Philippe Bornard, Pupillin 

Philippe Bornard farms six hectares of vines in the tiny village of Pupillin. He works biodynamically and avoids the use of sulfur whenever possible though, like many natural winemakers, he gives his export bottles a small dose.

The fascinating L’Ivresse de Noe (named after the biblical story of the drunkeness of Noah) is a November harvest Savagnin. Because Savagnin has a hard skin the grapes can withstand the drying process as they wither on the vine and concentrate the flavour inside the grape.

The bunches are then hand-picked and pressed then moved to 400 litre tonneau to mature for two years. The barrels are kept topped up during that time.

The Savagnin grapes that make this wine are harvested in November and some residual sugar is left in the wine after fermentation, resulting in a lightly sweet yet concentrated Savagnin that offers aromas of honey, quince, and citrus. There is marked grapefruit character on the palate and finish

Grape: 100% Savagnin