Bandol Rouge, Château de Pibarnon, Eric de St-Victor 2021 (out of stock)

Bandol Rouge, Château de Pibarnon, Eric de St-Victor 2021 (out of stock)

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Château de Pibarnon, Eric de St-Victor 

Overlooking the Mediterranean and grown on undulating hills where olive trees, cypresses, figs, pink laurels, pines and oaks grow, the Pibarnon vineyard truly dazzles the eyes - a bit of paradise in Provence, situated on the highest slopes of the soil of Bandol. The wonderment begins as you start up the small, winding road from the village of Cadière d'Azur to Château de Pibarnon. The road climbs up through the vines and pine trees of Alep, offering unforgettable glimpses of Ciotat bay and Bec de l'Aigle. Then, round a sharp bend, the Pibarnon estate reveals all its charm. On the hill where the optical telegraph linking Toulon to Paris used to be, stands the Pibarnon farmhouse, a perfect replica of an 18th century Provençal farmhouse. Above the farmhouse are serried ranks of vines up to a height of 300 metres and a series of corries facing the peaks of Le Castellet to the north and the resolutely blue sea to the south. From the cellar's terrace, the view is worthy of the Theatre of Epidaurus. Remodelled by hefty bulldozers, the semi-circular vineyard looks like a mighty Greek amphitheatre overlooking Cap Sicié and the Mediterranean. The vines, planted on restanques, centuries-old terraces hand-built by generations of "wall-builders”, resemble hanging gardens suspended on those steep slopes.

The 2019 Rouge is a luminous, defiant, tasty and paradoxically very delicate wine despite its strength. Its juicy and balanced tannins are stripped and precise, without excess. One of the best wines we have produced in a long time. Very precise, with just the right amount of insolence. It is very young, but can still be drunk in small quantities after being decanted for a long time, giving it length.

Grapes: 90% Mouvèdre -  10% Grenache