Ribera del Duero ‘Roble’ Bodegas Legaris 2021

Ribera del Duero ‘Roble’ Bodegas Legaris 2021

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Bodegas Legaris

Precision viticulture techniques were used to identify and map out the different types of soils in the vineyards for management and selection purposes. Winegrowing: Short pruning. Irrigation is rendered essential. Regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) techniques are used. Integrated Pest Control: Insecticides and antibotrytis are not used. Harvest: grapes were also tasted to assess their phenolic ripeness and determine the best time for harvesting. After a winter during which the vines rested with mild weather and lower rainfall levels than usual, the spring arrived with a vengeance, exhibiting those extreme conditions so typical of Ribera del Duero, with abundant precipitation and low temperatures that delayed bud break. It was a hot summer, with high temperatures for most of July, the whole of August and a good part of September. This, coupled with very little rain, particularly in late summer, induced stomatal closure in the leaves, a reaction that prevents excessive dehydration. This meant a marked delay in ripening, particularly in the case of young plants and those located in more arid locations.

Ultimate expression of fruit typical of the variety. A wine created to offer great varietal intensity. Very lush in the mouth, fresh, highly expressive and fruity. Legaris Roble is accompanied by light notes of vanilla and coconut thanks to its brief ageing in 100% American oak that also gives the wine its structure.

Grape: Tinto Fino