Arbois-Pupillin Maison Pierre Overnoy, Houillon-Overnoy 2018

Arbois-Pupillin Maison Pierre Overnoy, Houillon-Overnoy 2018

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Anne & Emmanuel Houillon, Pupillin

Overnoy is an icon of the Jura. This family domain in Pupillin has been overseen by Pierre Overnoy since 1968. Overnoy refuses to use chemical products or sulphites and has an anti-interventionist approach to winemaking, since ‘we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but rather we borrow it from our children. In 2001 he passed the baton over to Emmanuel Houillon, his adopted son who now manages the 5.5 hectares vineyard with his wife Anne. With Chardonnay, Savignin and Poulsard vines, this domain has organic certification and also employs biodynamic methods. The white wines from this domain are intensely aromatic and have plenty of personality, not to mention great aging potential. The reds are characterised by their silky texture and freshness.

Wines don't get much better than this! 2018 represented something of a respite for Pierre Overnoy and Anne & Emmanuel Houillon - this was a vintage untroubled by the numerous problems of the preceding years. This wine is redolent of pristine fruit with utter purity and haunting perfume. The benchmark Ploussard and probably the most iconic bottle in the entire scene

Grapes: Ploussard Trousseau