Vin Jaune, Philippe Bornard 2012 (PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAIBILITY)

Vin Jaune, Philippe Bornard 2012 (PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAIBILITY)

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Philippe Bornard, Pupillin 

Philippe Bornard farms six hectares of vines in the tiny village of Pupillin. He works biodynamically and avoids the use of sulfur whenever possible though, like many natural winemakers, he gives his export bottles a small dose.

This wine was placed in a Burgundian barrel, ouillé or topped up the first year to maintain the fruit aromas and then left without topping up while maturing in a cold cellar, so as not to accelerate the process, for more than 6 years (8 for this one!). A kind of flor/veil forms on the surface of the barrel which nourishes and protects the wine during this period. 1/3 of the total volume evaporates. After this period, "la percée" or breaking of the veil can take place, when the wine bottled.

 lively, clean and precise wine, with notes of spices and curry. The palate is rich and complex, with flavours of nuts, cinnamon and gingerbread. A classic example of this style, with some unexpected notes of citrus fruits as well – superb!

Grape: 100% Savagnin