Savagnin “Les Ecrins” Domaine de la Borde, Julien Mareschal, Arbois 2016

Savagnin “Les Ecrins” Domaine de la Borde, Julien Mareschal, Arbois 2016

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Julien Mareschal is one of the only people to make wine in the Côte de Caillot, right outside of Pupillin. He works organically and has been in conversion to biodynamics since 2012. Each of his wines has a vineyard name. Proportionately, he has a lot of Savagnin, almost 50% of his vineyard holdings, grown on grey marls. His Savagnin called Foudre a Canon is ouille, fermented in foudres and bottled a little more than a year later. The Ploussard La Feule is made without any sulphur added at all; the other wines receive a small dose just at bottling. The Chardonnay is from a plot of 25 hectares of 35-year-old vines planted in Bajocian limestone on the top of steep slopes at 450m in elevation. Julien crafts serious Chardonnay in the ouille style, showcasing the true terroir of the site. The wine ferments naturally with indigenous yeasts and is raised in old, 1200L barrels.

The grapes come from an area very rich in blue marl, fermentation takes place in oak barrels, in the same container maturing for at least 4 years using the ouillè technique, i.e. with the barrels not full.

Dried white flowers and roasted hazelnuts and almonds, walnut husk, great minerality. Great balance between softness and freshness, savoury and elegant, the drink is super and the finish interminable.

Grape: 100% Savagnin