Pinot Noir Curly Flat, Macedon Ranges, Victoria 2018

Pinot Noir Curly Flat, Macedon Ranges, Victoria 2018

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Macedon Ranges, Victoria

Curly Flat was developed from 1989 by Phillip Moraghan and Jenifer Kolkka after the greenfield site had been identified as ideal for growing the early ripening varieties of pinot noir and chardonnay. In 2017, Jenifer became the sole owner of Curly Flat. Under her leadership, the winery’s reputation for high-quality winemaking continues. Jenifer and her team, led by winemaker Matt Harrop, are fully committed to producing the best possible wines from the carefully nurtured site.

The Macedon Ranges is the coolest viticultural area on mainland Australia.

Dried rose perfume in with some fresh mint, deep raspberry flavour, a little almond and vanilla, plus some spice. It’s ripe, but not overly so, with cool acidity, a dusting of graphite tannin, and a long biscuity finish. It’s generous in style, but keeps itself trim. I’m particularly tickled by the quality of tannin here. Excellent!

Grape: 100% Pinot Noir