Gringet Vin des Allobroges

Gringet Vin des Allobroges "Imago" Domaine Belama, Yan Pernuit 2022

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Domaine Belama, Yan Pernuit

Following the tragic death of Dominique Belluard, Yann has redoubled his efforts to plant vines in Ayse in Haute-Savoie in order to be economically viable as soon as possible. We obviously find local grape varieties that are sometimes forgotten, notably Etraire de la Dhuy, but also Altesse, Mondeuse and, of course, the famous Gringet, which expresses itself so brilliantly among the limestone scree of the Mont Blanc valley....

Yann Pernuit was born in Paris, moved to Normandy during his youth, then ended up with his family down near the French Alps. When you meet him, see his tall athletic build, wrap-around sunglasses, and shaven arms and legs, you could be easily be mistaken in thinking you were talking to a cyclist instead of a winemaker. Well actually he was, and a prettry good one too by all accounts, racing for the French national youth team. But after scandals that rocked the world of cycling in the early 2000s and his disillusionment with the sport he loved, he turned his hand to something new and started on the path that would leading him to where he is today.

That path was long and took him first to Beaune in 2000 for his viti-oeno winemaking degree, then via the village of Arbin in the Savoie regoin of France and home to some of the best expressions of the Mondeuse grape, where he spent ten years making wines with a biodynamic/natural edge. Finally, Yann found a location in Ayse, at the foot of the Mole mountain, where he could make wine and plant his own vines while being able to work with someone who would become his good friend and mentor, Dominique Belluard.

Yann ferments his Gringet with indigenous yeasts in tank and some amphora and ultra low sulphur to promote transparency, terroir and the grape’s lively nature.

Grape: 100% Gringet