Chris Ringland North Barossa Shiraz 2017

Chris Ringland North Barossa Shiraz 2017

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Chris Ringland, Barossa

Chris Ringland is undoubtedly one of the foremost winemakers in Australia today, producing Shiraz-based wines from vineyards owned personally and sites exclusively managed with several highly skilled close friends known as ‘North Barossa Vintners’. He focusses on absolute purity of fruit. His skill to work with tannins with enormous fruit carrying capacity and at the same time convey a unique silky texture is evidence of his meticulous attention to detail and care. He leaves nothing to chance, even the corks for his Chris Ringland Shiraz (previously named Three Rivers Shiraz) are selected in a time-consuming procedure to identify those which are truly eligible for sealing his ultimate oeuvres, of which he does this exercise every year without fail.

Though it may appear unfashionable to make such full-bodied red wines these days, Chris likes to make wines which are guaranteed to age gracefully for several decades, evident in the fact that his wines are sought after by collectors the world over. The reputation of Chris Ringland along with the limited production and high prices have risen the brand to cult status. The flagship wine made by Chris is the ‘Dry Grown Barossa Ranges Shiraz’, formerly known as ‘Three Rivers Shiraz’; now regarded as one of the most highly priced & prized wines made in Australia produced in miniscule quantities! Since 1995 the wine has come from an unirrigated 2- hectare (5 acre) block of very old vines in the Barossa Ranges called ‘Stone Chimney Creek Vineyard’. Production of this iconic Shiraz is tiny, with approximately 1,500 bottles and 100 Magnums produced from each vintage. The Dry Grown Barossa Ranges Shiraz and other premium cuvées are offered out once per year as an En Primeur offer. Please keep a sharp eye out for when these wines are released, as the global demand is substantial!

The North Barossa Shiraz is a blend from 12 growers around the Ebenezer sub-region in the North of the Barossa. Neighbours, friends, and relatives of the Hoffmann Family make up the group, many having tilled the land for three or more generations. Extended maturation sees the wine aged in 20% new & 80% seasoned oak for up to 4 years prior to blending and bottling under cork.

Grape: 100% Shiraz