Arbois Trousseau, 'Cuvée Grevillière', Domaine Daniel Dugois 2019

Arbois Trousseau, 'Cuvée Grevillière', Domaine Daniel Dugois 2019

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Domaine Daniel Dugois

In 1973, Daniel Dugois bought 2 hectares of vineyard and a house equipped with wine cellars in a village called Les Arsures, where he was born. He cultivated the vineyard and sold his production regionally. In 2013, Philippe took full control of the Domaine and in 2014, his wife, Melanie, joined the team as well. Their arrival enabled Daniel and Monique to take full advantage of their retirement. In that same year, Philippe and Melanie committed the Domaine to sustainable agricultural practices under the auspices of the “HVE” certification program. In 2019, the Domaine embraced the challenge of transitioning to NOP certification, which should be attributed in 2021.

There are 9 hectares of vines in total now - all tended according to the semi-organic method of 'lutte raisonée' - and the soil is composed mainly of clay, marl and gravel - perfectly suited to the cultivation of the Trousseau grape of which Daniel is a specialist. 

This wine comes from around a hectare of some of our oldest vines, planted in the commune of Les Arsures, situated at 347 meters above sea level, in the area known as en Grevillière. The soil here is prefered by the Trousseau grape. It is made up of a thick layer of clay with a gritty surface lying over a limestone dome. The clay is produced by the decomposition of the limestone. The vines face due south and thus benefit from the sun all day long. Aged at around 50 years old, the harvests are consistent and always give Trousseaus that are well coloured, full bodied and of a very high quality. The whole of the vineyard is cultivated using methods that respect the environment. The use of phytosanitary products is monitored parcel by parcel. Thirty-three percent of the ground between the vines is left covered with grass whilst the remaining 67% is worked by digging and raking. The yields are rationalized by pruning and by bunch thinning.

Grape: 100% Trousseau from 60 years vines