Vin Santo, Azianda Agricola Caparsa, Paolo Cianferoni 2000 (50cl)

Vin Santo, Azianda Agricola Caparsa, Paolo Cianferoni 2000 (50cl)

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 Azianda Agricola Caparsa, Paolo Cianferoni.

Paulo believes that his wines have a rustic character in youth, but are designed to age, and this is true of his Chianti Riserva. He says of it: “It is a wine for wine lovers, with great complexity and strong emotions. It is too much for some people. It represents, more than the other wines, the terroir". Drinking very well at the moment but certainly has the potential to age for years. These particular grapes come from the best vines a few hundred metres up the slope from the cellar. Fermentation is natural and maturation takes place in large, 10 hectolitre barrels.

Paulo Cianferoni's vineyards are in the very heart of Chianti, and grow mostly Sangiovese. Sixty percent of the estate is still forested to maintain biodiversity, believing that herbicides "simplify a vineyard", and that exciting wines can only be made with respect for nature. He believes the 46-year-old vines produce wines that are rustic at first, yet are innately very age-worthy. The vines grow in gallestro and alberese soils, working hard to reach the water deep under the surface. This adheres to the old principle which applies to humans as much as vines, that when you're bored and have everything you need on a plate, boredom sets in and you wither and die. These wines represent authentic Tuscany - wines with character and fantastic ability to age. A must for lovers of Sangiovese or classic Italian wines

Made with Trebbiano and Malvasia and Canaiolo grapes dried on columns and mats from September to December and successively pressed and fermented/matured in “caratelli”, small barrels, for 6 years.

Golden-tawny in colour. Concentrated aromas of dried fruit, candied apricot and orange peel. Rich and intensely sweet on the palate with further notes of fig and dried apricot. The sweetness is balanced by a fresh acidity and the finish is lingering and spicy.

Grapes: 47% Malvasia Bianca + 47% Trebbiano + 6% Malvasia Nera