Savagnin Ouille, Kevin Bouillet 2021

Savagnin Ouille, Kevin Bouillet 2021

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Kevin Bouillet, Pupillin 

Jura native Kevin Bouillet launched his own Winery in 2018. The young winemaker , in his 30s, cut his teeth with Winery de la Tournelle before creating his own operation. In 2018, he recovered some family plots that he supplemented with the vines of retiring farmers, all of which resulted in a total of 4 hectares in Pupillin, near Arbois.

he young winemaker has converted his Winery to organic viticulture since its creation. On the Jurassic limestone and the blue and grey marls characteristic of the region, he cultivates the five emblematic grape varieties of the Jura (Poulsard, Trousseau, Chardonnay, Savagnin and Pinot Noir) as well as a more original variety named by the locals "Melon with red tail", a biotype of Chardonnay which gives only a very low yield

24 Months

Grapes: 100% Savagnin