Trebbiolo Rosso, Elena Pantaleoni, Rivergaro, Emilia-Romagna 2021

Trebbiolo Rosso, Elena Pantaleoni, Rivergaro, Emilia-Romagna 2021

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RIVERGARO, Emilia-Romagna 

La Stoppa spreads on 30 hectares of vines and 28 ha of forest on the first slopes of the Apennins in the South West part of Piacenza, at about 250 meters high.

Here is a silty clay heavy soil, summers are dry and hot, and rains fall at end of automn or early spring.

Elena Pantaleoni, the winemaker took over the family estate in 1993, helped by Giulio Armani, she rapidly guided the production toward the organic farming rules and the use of local grapes. Today, the grapes planted are for red wines Barbera and Bonarda and for white wines Malvasia di Candia aromatica, Ortrugo and Trebiano, some Moscato.

All the estate is in certified organic culture and winemaking doesn’t use any enological products. As for Elena Pantaleoni, wines have to be true and linked to the soil they are from. This is the only way to produce unique wines that won’t be the same to another produced somewhere else.

The name Trebbiolo is derived from the name of the nearby Trebbia valley. It IS NOT a blend of Trebbiono and Nebbiolo!

Grapes: 60% Barbera - 40%Bonarda

No Sulfur added to the wine.