Cannonau di Sardegna “Sa Mola” Alberto Loi Cardedu, Sardegna 2021

Cannonau di Sardegna “Sa Mola” Alberto Loi Cardedu, Sardegna 2021

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Alberto Loi Cardedu, Sardegna

The Alberto Loi Estate was established by the end of the forties and the beginning of the fifties by Alberto Loi, born in Jerzu in a family of wine cultivators, producers and traders of Cannonau wine. The present owners, Alberto Loi’s boys, constitute the third generation of the family devoted to the production of Cannonau wine. The estate is located in Ogliastra, the east-central region of Sardinia, the most celebrated of the entire island for the production of the Cannonau wine. More precisely, it is situated in the countryside of Cardedu at just a few kilometres from Jerzu. The whole Ogliastra is rich with traces of the 290inerea civilization and it’s not difficult to visit the remains of the Nuragh and Domus de Janas. You can find numerous local folklore organizations, which supervise the preparation of the country festivities, and the colourful country festival which takes place from April to October. The production of Cannonau DOC wine of the territory of Cardedu and Jerzu avails of the specific sub-denomination “Jerzu” provided under the rules for DOC of the Cannonau wine of Sardinia.

Ruby red color. It is intense and complex, floral, fruity and delicately spicy on the nose. The taste is dry, warm, fresh and tannic. It has good body with a pleasant flavor.

Grape: 100% Cannonau