Vin de Glace (ICE WINE) 'Chaudelune' Morgex et de la Salle, Vallée D’Aoste 2020 (50cl)

Vin de Glace (ICE WINE) 'Chaudelune' Morgex et de la Salle, Vallée D’Aoste 2020 (50cl)

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Morgex et de la Salle, Vallée D’Aoste

La Cave du Vin Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle is a cooperative started by the state government of Vallée d'Aoste in 1983, the primary goal being to save the viticultural traditions that have been practiced for a millennium in the breathtaking Alpine beauty of the communes of Morgex and La Salle, situated at the foot of Mont Blanc. (Indeed the vines, at 4,000 feet are the highest in Europe.) The cooperative is currently run by Gianluca Telloli and over 90 growers contribute to the enterprise. The coop produces still and bubbly made from the indigenous Prié Blanc grape, a varietal that produces delicate and complex white wines that capture the underlying minerality of the mountainous terrain. The late-harvest Chaudelune ice wine ('Vin de Glace') is aged in oak barrels for 12 months before a further 2 years ageing in bottles. 

A deep straw-yellow in colour. On the nose, scents of honey, mint and green herbs. Viscous and aromatic on the palate with notes of apricot and caramel with a hint of nuttiness. The finish is lingering and smooth. 

Grape; 100% Prié Blanc