Macon-Fuissé "Bois de la Croix" Christophe Thibert 2019

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Domaine Christophe Thibert, Mâconnais

The story of Domaine Thibert reads like a veritable saga. This family of artisan winemakers has been living at the heart of Fuissé village since at least 1668.Both from a long line of winemakers, Andrée and René Thibert started with a tiny plot in 1967. In 1991, their son Christophe came back to the Domaine, and his sister Sandrine joined him in managing the Domaine in 1999. Leveraging their deep-seated knowledge of the region’s vineyards, the inter-generational knowledge and their experience, today the wines of Domaine Thibert reflect and express this “savoir-faire”.

Essentially volcanic and sedimentary, sandstone, volcanic tuffs, sandy-loamy, sandy clay. Rock is present from a depth of 30-40cm and the roots dig down along the vertical facets of the prisms to a depth of over 150cm. There are sections covered by calcareous or siliceous gravel.

Tasting: Intense aromas of ripe fruit, such as peaches and cherry plums. The wine has maintained all of its original freshness, generosity, strength, with a gourmand and stimulating fruitiness. It keeps its creaminess and is tightly and beautifully structured. In young bottles, it has a dominant woody taste, which subsides over time.

Grape: 100% Chardonnay