Saumur Blanc ‘Brézé’ Clos Rougeard 2014 (PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAIBILITY)

Saumur Blanc ‘Brézé’ Clos Rougeard 2014 (PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAIBILITY)

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“The Foucaults are the singular superstars.”

David Schildknecht, The Wine Advocate August 2007

Nady Foucault is the leading producer in the Loire along with the late Didier Dagueneau. Very sadly, Nady’s brother Charly passed away in December 2015 and there have been rumours recently that the family have put the 11 hectare estate up for sale. Time will tell. As far as viticulture and winemaking are concerned, everything seems so simple here: perfectly ripe, healthy grapes, quality oak barrels, long élevage in their Tuffeau cellars - nothing different to many other producers then! Nevertheless, the results are always magnificent, class with a capital “C”, not flashy or exuberant, but simply great wines. Unfortunately, too many people have come to know the wines and the demand largely outstrips the small production from this small jewel of an estate.

Clos Rougeard is one of the most legendary producers in the Loire Valley and their wines are incredibly highly sought after. The Foucault brothers are the eight generation to run the estate and the incomparable quality of the wines is largely due to uncompromising viticultural standards and minimal intervention winemaking. Saumur Brézé is 100% Chenin Blanc from a tiny 1.5ha vineyard that is full-bodied, extraordinarily intense and kaleidoscopically complex. It is often considered the regions finest white wine.

Grape: 100% Chenin Blanc