St-Chinian "Les Schistes" Borie La Vitarèle, Siant-Chinian 2017

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Borie la Vitarèle, Saint Chinian

Jean François Izarn has been running Borie la Vitarèle bio-dynamically for a number of years. The wines are highly underrated and deserve much more recognition. Here everything is very simple and honest; Jean François and Cathy are very generous and have a great sense of hospitality. The wines are made to the same ethos; nothing to hide, just a lot of hard work in the vineyards to obtain the best quality grapes, and honest winemaking to preserve such quality, with a mix of cement tanks and use of large oak barrels.

Planted at high altitude on steep schist hillsides, these old Grenache, Syrah and Carignan vines bring the typical character of the region to this cuvée. Scents of garrigue, a floral bouquet, followed by a silky and delicate mouth, and sculpted by the finesse of the tannins. The finish is powerful and spicy.

Grape: 50% Grenache - 50% Syrah Organic