Canaiuolo Rosé, Montenidoli, Elisabetta Faguioli, Tuscany 2019

Canaiuolo Rosé, Montenidoli, Elisabetta Faguioli, Tuscany 2019

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Montenidoli, Elisabetta Faguioli, San Gimignano, Tuscany 

Elisabetta Fagiuoli is the living metaphor of her land, and she greets you, as the land welcomes you, with a smile that testifies to her joy in extending you hospitality. She shares with you her vision of the world, and impresses you with the same quiet strength that millennial culture of winemaking possesses. And you accept her for the elegance of her eloquence and gestures. Everything about Elisabetta radiates poetry, a deep sense of tradition and spiritual feeling for the land. The land is in her blood, thanks to her family, who cultivated vines and olive trees in Custozza, not far from Verona, since the 1700s. Montenidoli is the hill of the little nests; higher up the slopes are the Triassic terrains, the oldest in Tuscany. Montenidoli’s vineyards are organically grown. For fifty years no herbicide, insecticides or any other chemicals have been used. This is a microclimate brimming with life. The vineyards are aglow with fireflies by night and dancing with ladybugs by day. Vernaccia Tradizionale are pressed and following the old tradition the must macerates at length with the skins and is pressed as soon as the fermentation begins, to extract the flavour of the terroir.

Aromas of strawberries, watermelon and ripe cherry. On the palate, crisp and refreshing with an elegant minerality leading to a lively finish. A very fine rosado

Grape: 100% Canaiuolo