Vin (Jo) Liqueur, Philippe Bornard, Pupillin 2018

Vin (Jo) Liqueur, Philippe Bornard, Pupillin 2018

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Philippe Bornard, Pupillin 

The wine completes its fermentation in the bottle and no sugar is added. Nor is it disgorged so you will find some residual yeast remaining in the bottle. It is very low in alcohol at around 10%.

We are lucky that 2018 was a relatively good year and that there was enough grapes to produce this amazing wines.

This sweetish wine has been fortified and runs to 17% alcohol. It is made in the local Macvin style but not strictly according to the rules required for it to sport the appellation “Macvin du Jura” on the label.
The essential point of this wine however is that it is a combination of grape juice and special alcohol. The grape juice never ferments.

The process starts by pressing the very ripe Chardonnay grapes to create grape juice. This juice is then heated in a copper pot over a small fire to evaporate some of the water in the juice and to concentrate the sugars in a similar way to the vin cuit in Provence.

A marcstyle alcohol made in the Bornard cellars from the grape must and matured for at least 18 months and sometimes up to ten years is added to the grape juice.

In addition, another alcohol called the “fine” is made from the lees and some of this is also added. The exact proportions of marc to fine varies according to the harvest but it is usually around two thirds grape juice to one third alcohol.

The wine is then matured is barrels for at least seven years!

The result is a gorgeous, sweet wine that can be drunk as an aperitif in the morning or with sweet dishes during a meal.

Macvin has been produced in this area since the 14th century even though the appellation was only proclaimed in 1991.

The name is a play on words as usual in France. (Jo) Liqueur can be broken down to Joli Queur which sounds like Joli Coeur which is a “happy heart” that you get when you drink this wine.

Grape: 100% Chardonnay