Vouvray Sec

Vouvray Sec "Le Haut Lieu" Domaine Huet 2022

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Domaine Huet,Vouvray

The late 16th Century closerie of Le Haut Lieu is situated at the top of the rue de la Croix-Buisée, with the vineyards sitting at the summit, off to the right. From an initial three hectares of vineyards purchased by Victor, Le Haut Lieu has since been extended to nine hectares. As the name suggests, the house and the vineyards are situated on a plateau with a slight south facing gradient at one of the highest points of the appellation.
The Le Haut Lieu itself consists of 3 metres of heavy clay soil mixed with chalk, known locally as aubuis, which lies over a bed of limestone. It is this limestone subsoil that proves to be the constant link between the various vineyards owned by Huet. Of the three sites, Le Haut Lieu tends to produce the most precocious wines, regardless of their sweetness, although this should be seen a relative statement, given that they are capable of ageing for many decades. 2022 is a very fine vintage with great ripeness and acidity.

Grape: 100% Chenin Blanc