Vouvray Demi-Sec "Le clos du Bourg" Domaine Huet 2003

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Domaine Huet,Vouvray

The late 16th Century closerie of Le Haut Lieu is situated at the top of the rue de la Croix-Buisée, with the vineyards sitting at the summit, off to the right. From an initial three hectares of vineyards purchased by Victor, Le Haut Lieu has since been extended to nine hectares. As the name suggests, the house and the vineyards are situated on a plateau with a slight south facing gradient at one of the highest points of the appellation.

Also referred to locally as Chatellenie du Bouchet or Le Clos du Bouchet, Le Clos du Bourg is a six hectare vineyard and a true clos, being surrounded by an ancient stone wall. It is acknowledged as the oldest cru in the appellation given eighth century records belonging to the Collégiale de Saint-Martin de Tours which mention the site by name. Prior to Gaston acquiring the vineyard in August 1953, it was owned by Russian born Charles Vavasseur, distinguished, along with Gaston, as a longstanding Mayor of Vouvray.
The vineyard sits on the first coteaux above the town (le bourg) and directly behind the town church. The soil here is less than one metre deep, allowing the vines easy access to the tuffeau directly below. Le Clos de Bourg is recognised as the most likely source for moëlleux, from grapes that have been affected either by botrytis or passerillage. The new 2022 sec is delicious, plenty of fruit balanced by good acidity.

Grape: 100% Chenin Blanc