Calabrese Nero, Azienda Agricola Nasciri 2016

Calabrese Nero, Azienda Agricola Nasciri 2016

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Azienda Agricola Nasciri, Gerace, Calabria

Nasciri is run by Domenico and Francesca. The project began and continues on land owned by Domenico’s family, the aim simple: to regenerate the land, allowing spontaneous life and nature centre stage. Nasciri in Calabrian dialect means born and this perfectly captures Nasiciri’s efforts to ensure the old farmland’s rebirth. Nasciri are organically certified, they also follow biodynamic practices, with pruning, decanting and bottling undertaken when the moon is on the wane.

This wine is inspired by Domenico's grandfather who used to make the wine for the family usage. Calabrian families produce this kind of wine still today. The name, Vinu i' casa, means the wine of the home in Calabrian dialect. This kind of wine has three main features: it has a little bit of acidity, the alcohol is never high, and the aim is to make an easy-drinking wine

The grape Calabrese is best known as Nero d'Avola. The name “Calabrese” would suggest to origins in Calabria, in reality it is a native grape of Sicily.

Calabrese gives structured a wines, mature, intense, harmonious and warm, with hints of plum and cherry, spicy. 

Grape: 100% Calabrese