Greco di Tufo, Cantina Vadiaperti, Montefredane, Avellino, Campania DOCG 2022

Greco di Tufo, Cantina Vadiaperti, Montefredane, Avellino, Campania DOCG 2022

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The winery Vadiaperti was one of the first wineries that made famous the hill Montefredane, imposing it as a reference area for the Fiano di Avellino. An adventure that began in the mid-eighties, today under the helm of Raffaele, son of Professor Antonio Troisi. A project the one of Vadiaperti always played on the stylistic consistency and never follow fads or approvals: flavor, freshness, originality of expression and personality are the characteristics that Vadiaperti tries to recreate in each wine. The main body, which develops around the winery, is on the hill of Montefredane. On a clay soil is planted Fiano, while the Greco is in the district instead of Montefusco, 600 meters above sea level. The mild Mediterranean climate, the volcanic origin of the soil and its tuffaceous characteristics make this area highly suited for viticulture. The passion for the vineyards, the love for their land and respect for the traditions that distinguish the cellar for years from generation to generation have led to the creation of wines of great depth and personality, whose elegance and finesse is perfectly balanced with aromas and scents, which seem to give off the air of Campania. A winery that is now a symbol of these territories, and whose wines are definitely worth all the attention they are getting from the critics.

Bright straw yellow, pleasant mineral perception followed by hints of plum, pear, acacia, herbs and nuts. Fresh, fruity and persistent.

Grape: 100% Greco