Vino del Volta da Uve Appassite,  Vigna Del Volta, La Stoppa, Emilia-Romagna 2022 (50cl)

Vino del Volta da Uve Appassite, Vigna Del Volta, La Stoppa, Emilia-Romagna 2022 (50cl)

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Elena Pantaleoni, Rivergaro

The estate extends over 58 hectares, of which 30 are planted to vines, and the remaining 28 are left to nature. In the second half of the nineteenth century, a lawyer named Giancarlo Ageno discovered the place to be apt for winemaking and started the production of wines with significant and curious names such as Bordò, Bordò bianco, Pinò.

In 1973 La Stoppa was bought by the Pantaleoni family, and from the mid-nineties, Elena Pantaleoni leads the company. Elena, flanked by Giulio Armani, focused the work in the vineyards, managed accordingly to the organic method certified by Suolo and Salute. The naturally low yields, due to the average age of the vines and the poor soil, and the intrinsic quality of the grapes make it possible to obtain very characterized wines, born in the vineyard and transformed in the cellar through a minimalist approach.

Classification: Vino da Uve Appassite
Varieties: Malvasia di Candia Aromatica 100%
First Production: 1995
Agriculture: Organic, natural green cover between the rows.
No fertilizing, weed killers or pesticides  
Soil Type: Clay Silt
Trellis System: Simple Guyot  
Age of vines: 20 years
Vinification: The sun-dried berries are processed using a vertical hydraulic press
Fermentation and aging: Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, aged in used French oak barriques and in bottle for necessary time.

It takes its name from Mr. Volta, the sharecropper who for years cultivated it, this sunny, warm wine with notes of apricot where all the peculiarities of the area and of that great vine are summarized. is the Malvasia di Candia Aromatica.


Grapes: 100% malvasia di Candia aromatica