Sancerre Rosé 'Terre de Maimbray' Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy 2018

Sancerre Rosé 'Terre de Maimbray' Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy 2018

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Pascal & Nicolas Reverdy, Maimbray, Sancerre

Pascal Reverdy – along with his wife and sister-in-law – continues to uphold this family’s deservedly high reputation.” David Schildknecht, The Wine Advocate August 2010

With Nicolas’ untimely death, Pascal Reverdy was faced with a big challenge. Helped by Nicolas’ widow Sophie and his own wife Nathalie, he decided to carry on the work he started with his brother; the results are superb with the same poised, mineral-driven whites and rich, crunchy-fruited reds. The vineyards, the majority of which are located in Maimbray, lie on classic clay/ chalk soils known locally as ‘Terres Blanches’. The parcel of vines for the top red cuvée ‘À Nicolas’ is situated between Bué and Sancerre itself. Here the soils are pure chalk ‘Caillottes’. Working all the 14 hectares of vineyards manually, without weed killers or use of industrial fertilisers, contributes greatly to the ultimate quality of their wines, revealing an excellent natural expression of their origins. Pascal also believes in retaining grass cover between the rows in order to provide competition to the vines’ roots, reduce vineyard humidity and stimulate nitrogen production. His wines are vinified separately, parcel by parcel. All are bottled with only a light or no filtration, after a few months of maturation in stainless steel or conical oak vats, depending on the particular cuvée. The red wines also spend several months in demi-muids (500- 600L) - most notably the cuvée ‘À Nicolas’ matures for 12 months. We are delighted to be working with one of the best domaines in Sancerre. To know Pascal’s wines is to know Sancerre.

With notes of sour cherries, redcurrants and an underlying chalkiness, the pale coral-coloured Sancerre Rosé 'Terre de Maimbray' Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy 2015 is vibrant and fresh with a crisp acidity and a pleasingly long fruity finish.

Grape: 100% Pinot Noir