Lämmler Lemberger VDP Grosses Gewächs, Weingut Schnaitmann 2017

Lämmler Lemberger VDP Grosses Gewächs, Weingut Schnaitmann 2017

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Weingut Schnaitmann, 

The former “enfant terrible” of Württemberg has once again achieved a new level of profile in recent years and, with a lot of courage and experimental curiosity, has reached a new level that is putting Württemberg back on the maps nationwide. Rainer Schnaitmann's wines clearly stand out from those of his colleagues! With his Großer Gewächs, Schnaitmann shows what it takes to attract attention in the long term: organic cultivation with complex vineyard work, this is the all-important factor, a clear idea in your head and careful work in the cellar.

The Lemberger smells sensually of pomegranates, wild raspberries and sweet maraschino cherries. The fruit is impressive in its engaging intensity. The actual strength of the grape variety unfolds coolly and precisely. It has powerful tannins, yet is polished and delicately spicy when young. If, like here, it is masterfully developed, then it is always free of any brittle impression. It's just a lot of fun and has strength, a compact fruit and a fine mineral touch. Top Lemberger, which already brings wonderful joy in its carafe, but certainly guarantees the potential for more than a decade of excellent development. For us, this wine is by far the top German Lemberger.

Grape: Lemberger (also known as Blauer Limberge or "Blaufränkisch)