Taurasi, Aglianico, Enza Lonardo, Contrade di Taurasi, Avellino, Campania 2016

Taurasi, Aglianico, Enza Lonardo, Contrade di Taurasi, Avellino, Campania 2016

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Enza Lonardo, Contrade di Taurasi, Avellino

Located in the Campania region, the Lonardo family organically farms five hectares of vines, particularly Aglianico in Irpinia’s Taurasi zone. Vineyards are planted at an elevation of 1300 feet on volcanic slopes, which are typical of the zone. The Lonardo family has attracted attention for its research on native yeasts in the area, and their results indicate that the wines reflect their place of origin to a greater extent when these yeasts, instead of commercial yeasts, are used to ferment the grapes into wine. Microbiologist Giancarlo Moschetti from the University of Palermo headed the research team together with Contradi di Taurasi winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio. According to Italian wine guide Gambero Rosso, “The Contrade di Taurasi story is one of unconditional love for experimentation, starting with guided natural fermentation and estate zoning to biocompatible management….” Gambero Rosso honored the 2004 Taurasi with its highest Tre Bicchieri award. Known as the Barolo of the South, Taurasi can be a massive and tannic wine, capable of aging for decades. But founder Alessandro Lonardo and his daughter Enza, a biotech researcher, have chosen a riper, more approachable modern style for their wines. The 2010 Grecomusc, made from a variety called Roviello Bianco or Grecomusc by the locals was awarded the Tre Bicchieri. The variety is indigenous to the town of Taurasi and the villages around Taurasi. Lonardo is the only producer actually marketing the wine. He buys the fruit from various small farmers who have a few rows each, the vines ranging from 70 to over 100 years old, all ungrafted. The total production made from this variety is about 250 cases a year, 200 of which are made by Sandro Leonardo.

Intense ruby ​​red wine, consistent and not very transparent. The nose is rich and persistent with hints of ripe fruit, and light balsamic and spicy notes. The taste is warm, with austere tannins, and with a certain persistence.

Grape: 100% Aglianico


The winery produced just 100 cases of this wine.