Viognier ‘Les Contours de Deponcins’ François Villard 2022

Viognier ‘Les Contours de Deponcins’ François Villard 2022

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François Villard, St-Michel-sur-Rhône, Condrieu

“The wines have immediate flair and lots of life in them. The winemaking is modern, with new oak a constant feature. Villard has been restraining himself on the cellar techniques in the last two or three vintages, and the wines sit more comfortably in the glass as a result.”
John Livingstone-Learmonth, 2017

"This might sound a high price for a lowly appellation, but it is better than most Condrieu – and if it had that magic word written on the label you would pay an awful lot more for it." Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph

François’ empire keeps growing, but he still keeps a tight rein on the operations, whilst being open to sharing his knowledge and passion for his region. The recent winery above St-Michel-sur-Rhône, that seemed so large a few years ago, is now bursting with vats and barrels, but the quality remains. The wines are often seen on the tables of most of the best restaurants around the world.

Viognier ‘Les Contours de Deponcins’ Vin de France: 100% Viognier, vineyards situated in the villages of St-Michel-surRhône, Vérin and Sarras, just outside François' best Condrieu vineyard. 12-year-old vines. Soil: granitic sand and mica. Aged in 80% barrels (20% new) and 20% stainless steel tanks for 11 months. 

Fine yellow; the nose is buttery, on roasted nuts, lime and white strawberry, table wax, has a steady depth. This is a bit New Wave on the palate, moves easily, depth, but continues with some fresh saltiness and assertion, keeps going after its quiet attack. The flavour is nutty, peach stone.

Grape:  100% Viognier