Valentini virgin Olive Oil, Abruzzo 75cl

Valentini virgin Olive Oil, Abruzzo 75cl

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Produced exclusively by cultivar Dritta (also called Loretana and Moscufese), the original variety typical of the area where located, especially in the municipalities of Pianella, Moscufo and Loreto Aprutino. The company Valentini has always been known mainly for its wine as well as for its fantastic oil and grain. They are always great quality products belonging to a niche market, only for real connoisseurs. 

Valentini oil is very elegant and balance Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a very reference point. Its aromas are floral and herbaceous, with notes of rocket, artichoke, nuts and wild flowers. On the palate it is intense, powerful, pleasantly bitter and slightly spicy. It has a very high level of polyphenols and a very low acidity, characteristics that make it extremely expressive and long-lived